Life Development Coaching

It has been my privilege to stand beside and help hundreds of patients and chiropractors over my years in the profession.  By nature, I am a helper and see myself as a paraclete.  That might be a new word for many of you.  It is a Greek word that means advocate or helper, one who stands beside and defends.  I offer a custom tailored services for those ready for something new in life.  I offer one-on-one intensive coaching for discreet periods of time.  This is very focused and intense work for those who desire transformative change or are lost and need help finding their way.  Space is very limited for this type of work and requires a huge commitment from both parties.  More traditional weekly coaching calls are perfect for those who need someone to hold them accountable and keep them encouraged.  For business owners who desire rapid growth and change, I also offer in-office visits, staff training, and group intensives.