Professional Seminars

A comprehensive business series for new chiropractors and chiropractic students focuses on bringing a deeper understanding of the core components of owning business and having a congruent life.


How did you learn to run your practice? Did you learn business practices in Chiropractic College? Did you go to Business School? The answer is most likely, “No.” How are you going to make your practice work? Maybe you have found a mentor or coach to help you. Maybe you have a natural gift. Most chiropractors don’t.  Take the time to learn your business. Learn real world numbers that prove to you exactly what type of practice you need to support your life. No pie-in-the-sky number or projections. This might be the most honest and encouraging seminar on business you have ever taken


Does philosophy apply to business? How are your business and life tied together in inextricable ways? Do you have congruency between your world view and how you live your life and how you run your practice? This is exactly what we are going to explore. The goal of this class is to unify each of these life components and help you get clarity in how you move forward and make your decisions. Classical and contemporary business philosophies will be introduced and discussed. Applying these concepts to the chiropractic office will be the workshop component of these two days.


Review the basics of adjusting and non-radiographic dependent analysis in this two-day technique seminar. Dr. Hawk covers the gems from techniques that are not commonly used any more- from Speer’s Painless to Logan Basic and Meric to Blair. Global Tonal Analysis essentials are taught as a tool to check extraspinal neurologic subluxation patterns that might be present. It doesn’t matter what technique(s) you currently use, you will learn so much that you can apply instantly.


Your level of contradiction is often equal to your level of stress.  Most chiropractors practice the way insurance companies, management groups, or others tell them to practice.  There is an inherent problem in that model.  Most of those systems, procedures, and methods are not congruent with your purpose and Chiropractic.  In fact, most procedures are in direct conflict with the very principles of Chiropractic and business.  Learn to craft your own congruent procedures, hire the right staff, and manage your practice.


Have you ever learned why you communicate the way you do? Do you know what drives you? Do you know what other people need to hear? Communication Day of The Series is transformational for your personal and professional life. You have NEVER experienced this before! This class doesn’t just change your practice…it can change your life.

Upcoming Seminars:

Atlanta Seminar Series 2017 Dates

Business 1- July 29, September 9, October 28

Philosophy of Business- May 11/12

Technic overview with Global Tonal- July 30

Procedures & Practice- September 10

Communication & Identity- October 29

BEST DEAL $200/month for 7 months. Includes all seminars AND 7 months of small group coaching 2x/month and $250 credit towards an international Epik Missions trip in the future.

OR $225 for an individual seminar.